Progessive School | Washington DC
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6-12th Grade

Bethesda, MD

At MYSA Bethesda, we serve students in grades 6-12. Students’ have a varied schedule that is built upon the Common Core Curriculum requirements to complete all subjects. With customized menus each week, students are able to complete grade level work and go beyond their grade level guided by their interest and ability as teachers and leadership work to complete menus each week and assess their achievement to ensure mastery-based learning.


Each week students leave the classroom for the day to connect their studies to the community. They may be planting, harvesting in an urban garden or visiting a local museum to build on cultural, historical studies that week. All students attend and frequently, the younger Georgetown students will also join. Mixed-age learning is at the heart of MYSA school, similar to the Montessori model of learning. Students have physical education four times per week, Spanish three times per week and art and music throughout the week.


School starts at 9:30am with early drop-off from 8:30am and finishes at 4:30pm. We invite you to visit on a Tuesday morning and join a tour and informational session!