Mysa School is coming to central Vermont! - Mysa School
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Mysa School is coming to central Vermont!

Maple syrup, mountains and Mysa Microschool


We are opening a brick and mortar school in the fall of 2021 in the Waterbury / Mad River Valley area (location  TBD). We will start with a small cohort of students including the three families from the Mad River Valley whose children are currently attending our DC campus (virtually).  Initially, we are accepting applications for grades K-10 but we will re-evaluate the ages and grades we serve based on interest.  We are very excited to build a little Mysa Vermont community school!


How is Mysa different?


Menus – In addition to daily classes each student receives a personalized list of work on Monday that is crafted with teachers for that student to be completed the following week during the school day. Much like the real world of the 21st century, students are responsible for managing their projects, assignments and deliverables with guidance from teachers.


The proprietary MyMysa app – Teachers, students, and parents use the app to track student mastery against several national benchmarks. Students are not tied to the curricula that is traditionally geared for a specific age of child. If they master material, they can move on to the next level of learning.


Real life stuff – Some of the most challenging parts of life are learning to manage time and manage relationships with friends and co-workers. Mysa understands that and every week all students spend one day off campus, using the Green Mountains as a classroom for navigating our world and learning while doing new things together.


Cozy – The word Mysa means cozy in Swedish, and we know that children thrive in an environment that is kind and cozy, where they know everyone at school and everyone knows them. Though Mysa is based on an educational model that could be considered futuristic, there is light, warmth, growth, and intellect in the Mysa vision of the future.


The combination of these key Mysa features builds student agency, autonomy, mastery of skills, time management proficiency, confidence, and self-advocacy.

At Mysa, kids take responsibility for their work, learn to manage their own time, and develop their curiosity and passions. Every child has a personalized menu of work tailored for them. Its small size and amazing student-teacher ratio ensures every child is deeply known and supported. Interdisciplinary projects help them understand the world and extensive field trips further that learning. Mysa is truly exceptional!

~ Lisa C., Mysa Parent

Interested? Reach out today!

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