Mysa School | Micro School | Washington, DC
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Accepting Applications for Fall 2024-25

Register Here for an Upcoming Info Session
Wednesday, September 18th @ 930am, 
Wednesday, October 16th @ 930am

What is Mysa School?

Mysa was one of the first micro schools in the country and a pioneer for this rapidly growing
and expansive educational model.


Students are connected to each other and their community through self-paced, supportive instruction


Crowdsourced curriculum from around the world to engage your child’s individual interests and aptitudes

An intentionally small one-room schoolhouse for the 21st century

Students in grades K-8; high achievers seeking challenging instruction; montessori students; home & virtual students

National standards are taught in a customized and experiential approach

Learning in the real world by using the resources in, and partnering with, the local community


Mysa is an independent school that has defined the “micro school” movement. Similar to other micro and lab schools, Mysa is a hybrid model that combines two distinct complementary methods of education. The first method is a hands-on, project-based, interdisciplinary and cooperative system where students engage in group work and solve real-world problems. The second method uses academic learning platforms where classes and lessons are drawn from an extensive menu of online lessons, programs, and resources from around the world – individually customized for each student. Each student’s progress and weekly assignments are accessible through our proprietary app. 


In this way, Mysa School combines the best of both worlds: a tight-knit, small learning community that builds interpersonal skills and, at the same time, the best academic lessons, classes, and programs from around the globe – personally tailored for each student.


Mysa in the News

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