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Books Your Kids Can’t Put Down

May 06 Books Your Kids Can’t Put Down

Everyone is trying to get their kids off screens these days. It’s hard to cajole them with Moby Dick, so try these reads instead. We guarantee your middle and high school kids won’t be able to put them down!

Graphic novels – Don’t dismiss them! Kids love them, and the subjects can be rich and sophisticated. Try Garreth Hinds for well-done versions of the classics, including The Odyssey, Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare.

The Hobbit – A classic that’s also fun to read!

Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel – First it was a hit Broadway musical, now a book written by the show’s creators. Your high schooler can relate to the drama of social media and popularity.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Perfect for early middle schoolers and a great way to connect with your inner geek.

Rick Riordan’s Imprint – The author of the Percent Jackson series created his own imprint, featuring fictional stories based on myths from around the world and written by authors from those cultures. Favorites among the tween and young teen set are the Aru Shah series exploring Indian myths, and Tristan Strong, based on African-American folklore.

The Martian – This sci fi thriller will keep you spellbound and teach you tons about the scientific method. With one exception, all of the near-future science is accurate.

We Were Liars – This psychological thriller and family drama is a beautifully written page-turner that will appeal to older teens.

Bomb – History lovers will dive into this exploration of the atomic bomb, complete with spies, deceit, genius and risks.

The Hate U Give – Older teens can grapple with issues of justice and racism while reading about characters they love. There’s a reason it’s been on the best seller list for years.

What If – Scientifically accurate answers to absurd questions. What could be better?

Wonderstruck – This beautiful book connects the lives of a young boy and a young girl set 50 years apart. Ben’s story unfolds in words, and Rose’s story is told entirely in gorgeous illustrations.

Refugee – History lovers will adore this timely and powerful novel of three different children seeking refuge: a Jewish boy in Nazi Germany, a Cuban girl in the 1990s, and a modern-day Syrian.

The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge – Great for young teens, this weird but wonderful book about elves and goblins explores how our perceptions shape our version of reality.