COVID Plans | Mysa School
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COVID Plans for Fall 2020

Jul 30 COVID Plans for Fall 2020

Because of our small size and large amount of space, we are markedly better situated to have in-person learning than most other schools. However, we need to ask ourselves, is it worth the risk? What needs to be done in person and what can we do well from a distance?

A big part of what makes Mysa special is our tight-knit community. The kids are yearning to see their friends. They miss our lunchtime walks to the park, goofing off in the hallways, the spontaneous creation of a Tic Toc dance video. These are the things that are hard to do from a distance, and these are the things that are worth the risk.

Our current plan (which could change, of course):

Optional in-person school one day a week on Wednesdays. It will be mostly outside and geared toward art projects, Makerspace projects, playing, hiking, and the occasional science lab. We will use three outdoor areas at the school, plus Rock Creek Park. We will also set up art and makerspace projects in the bigger rooms and allow a lot of free time for kids to just be together and safely play.

Distance learning four days a week from 9-3. Students will be engaged the whole time (with a one-hour lunch break). We will have virtual classes and electives that average 5 students per class. When students are not in a class, they will be required to be in the supervised menu hangout (like a study hall) doing their work. The menu hangouts will have at least two teachers to help students one-on-one.