Daily Spanish Lessons at Mysa School
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Se habla Español

Mar 22 Se habla Español

At Mysa, all students learn Spanish in daily lessons and also amongst their peers. They’re actively learning through listening, reading and writing stories in many different topics targeting not only the World Language Standards but also the student’s interests. 

Through stories, students at Mysa are exposed to Spanish in a dynamic way to enhance their abilities to learn about the language and also engage in cultural enrichment about Hispanic history, culture, arts and sports. As the picture shows, we also learn Spanish through different Hispanic songs and dances. 

One of the activities that high school students really enjoyed was Unit 7 where they learned about the various foods of Latin American countries. From tacos to empanadas and pupusas to ceviche, students explored the rich culinary traditions of Mexico, Perú, and El Salvador among other countries. Along the way they read stories, talked about recipes and played bingo games to memorize and understand useful vocabulary and expressions in Spanish. The unit  was fun, interesting and made everyone in class hungry and curious to try some of these delicious dishes. 

Spanish is not only practiced in the classroom but also through the hallways of Mysa thanks to the mix of native and heritage students that we have in our school that contributes to our students’ awareness and appreciation for the language.