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Distance Learning @ Mysa

If your child is struggling in this current educational climate or if they just need a change, Mysa might be a good match.


Because of our unique and personalized approach, we quickly pivoted to distance learning during this pandemic.



  • Our menus – A personalized list of work that each child receives on Monday.
  • Our proprietary MyMysa app – Used by our teachers, the app creates unique weekly plans for each child and tracks online assignments for both class and individual work.

The best part for parents?

You do not have to do any teaching, monitoring, printing, or checking of work.


Here’s what a day of distance learning looks like at Mysa.

  • Face-to-face classes for four to five hours a day that includes non-screen time (think: birding, gardening, backyard exploration, cellphone photography, music & more) 
  • All-day, on-demand teachers to help students with their work. 
  • A virtual makerspace where students are currently making sock puppets, learning to crochet, building furniture, writing scripts, making movies, and just hanging out together.

Not only are we dedicated to meeting your child’s educational needs but their
social-emotional needs too. Teachers consciously spend a lot of time checking in with students at homeroom meetings first thing in the morning and again after lunch. We have created virtual spaces just to hang out and be together.


Distance learning shouldn’t just be sitting at a screen. Mysa is leading the way in a new approach that is child-centered, flexible, and relevant.


Get in touch today to learn how your child can join our distance program now and on-campus program as soon as possible.

At Mysa, kids take responsibility for their work, learn to manage their own time, and develop their curiosity and passions. Every child has a personalized menu of work tailored for them. Its small size and amazing student-teacher ratio ensures every child is deeply known and supported. Interdisciplinary projects help them understand the world and extensive field trips further that learning. Mysa is truly exceptional!

~ Lisa C., Mysa Parent

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