Makerspace News: Dance Remix | Mysa School
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Makerspace News: Dance Remix

kids' drawing of dance steps

Oct 20 Makerspace News: Dance Remix

Did you know that Mysa has a makerspace? Students use tools, code, learn robotics and more. Right now, the Mysa Minis (grades K-5) are exploring Scratch, a program created by the MIT Media Lab to teach kids the concepts of coding. 

We recently experimented with remixing code through dance. A remix occurs when we change someone else’s media to create a new project. Groups of students planned and performed their own dance. They recorded each step of their dance as a representation of code. The process of creating and performing a sequence of steps provided a physical connection to coding with Scratch. 

The groups then exchanged their dance plans. Each group was challenged to code a Scratch animation of the other group’s dance to create a remix. Check out a finished product!

kids' drawing of dance steps

Dance Plan