Individualized Learning and Mysa Menus, by Maria, age 15 - Mysa School
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Individualized Learning and Mysa Menus, by Maria, age 15

Oct 16 Individualized Learning and Mysa Menus, by Maria, age 15

An important part of Mysa that differentiates it from other schools is independent learning. Mysa students are assigned a menu, or a list of work to complete for a certain week, on Monday morning. They have time to complete their menu assignments between classes, and they are encouraged to work in the evenings too. Menu time is independent and work-at-your-pace. The teachers at Mysa are patient and helpful, and other kids are also good people who are willing to help. However, no one will force you to work! If a student does not finish their menu by Friday afternoon, it becomes homework for the weekend. If they do not finish it by Monday morning, the child will not receive their new menu until they complete their old assignments.
Menus are meant to be challenging and push kids beyond their comfort zones. But sometimes, the work is simply too hard, or a student may feel overwhelmed. Other times, a student might finish everything early or become bored with class work that’s too easy. In either case, the student can talk to a teacher about it, and their work load can be adjusted and tailored as necessary.
By Maria, age 15
October 2018