Student-led After School Activities
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Student-led Electives

Mar 15 Student-led Electives

After school activities are important for Mysa students and parents too! In the Mysa spirit of appealing to individual interests, we let students help guide after school programming. Every Friday afternoon, all of the students attend their chosen elective. We provide a wide range of activities ranging from cooking to sports. A favorite elective among all grades has been arts and crafts. 

We started the academic year this fall with Pinterest inspired crafts that the students found and wanted to try. For example, in October we made dancing skeletons with cotton ear buds. In November, we created bowls made of dried leaves. In December, the students worked on elaborate 3D holidays cards for their family and friends. 

After winter break in the new year, the students were able to choose a long term arts project to work on and develop. Some students chose to work on their portrait skills, while some learned stitch-needling for the first time and some chose to explore pottery. 

Most recently on Friday afternoons, we have a pottery wheel that’s been brought in by student request, so the students have had a blast learning the new techniques. Friday afternoons are one of my favorite parts about Mysa, not just because of how much fun it is, but because it allows the students to hang out with mixed ages and get to know each other better. Students repeatedly express how grateful they are to have a playful, fun and comfortable atmosphere every week, where they can be themselves and explore their creativity.