Personalized Learning, by Lillian, age 11 - Mysa School
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Personalized Learning, by Lillian, age 11

Students working

Nov 06 Personalized Learning, by Lillian, age 11

Students working 

I like Mysa for a lot of reasons but one of those reasons is getting to work at my own level. There’s no pressure about being at a certain level, because I can work at my own pace. That’s something I really enjoy about Mysa, the way it’s personalized for every student is something I like and feel like is helping me learn a lot. An instance of this is my reading level. I was reading a book with the Minis (the kindergarten through 5th grade kids) since I’m in 5th grade. But the book was too easy for me, so they’re going to move me up to Middle and Major level (the middle schoolers and high schoolers) in the next book we’ll be reading.

Post by Lillian, November 2019