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Show Not Tell – The Detroit News

Oct 19 Show Not Tell – The Detroit News

Students at MYSA are excited to get back to school; they miss school over holiday breaks. This is NOT an exaggeration! Parents are always pleasantly surprised that their children are begging to come back to school. An enormous reason for students’ excitement, engagement and curiosity is our think days, roughly 20 percent of the week, or one day a week, is spent outside the classroom at learning excursions connected to interdisciplinary units of study. We aim to ‘show, not tell’ students about the world.

By connecting the learning to their lives, schools can boost students’ performance and make them eager to learn. Students retain more information when they learn about history by visiting local monuments and museums, or when they study ecology by traveling to local parks and preserves. That’s because learning is always deeper and more meaningful if students understand how classroom concepts relate to their lives directly.

Relevancy is how we all learn and by making learning relevant, present and real, students are able to make more meaningful and lasting connections to the world around them. At MYSA, we take advantage of everything the surrounding DMV community has to offer. We visit Smithsonian museums, local parks; we go to the Potomac to collect water samples and food shelters to pack care kits. Our parents speak to the class and invite their peers to help us learn about their work, their research and their impact on the community.

These excursions and engagement are known as Place-based Education (PBE). This harnesses all of the core academic disciplines: language arts, mathematics, social studies, sciences and more while participating in hands-on, real-world experiences. These PBE experiences are fun, but more importantly increase academic achievement and students have fewer disciplinary problems, are more motivated and engaged, and think more critically.

Read more here about the necessity for out-of-the-classroom learning, PBE in The Detroit News by our Founder, Head of School – Siri Fiske.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”― Benjamin Franklin