Wall Street Journal features MYSA - Mysa School
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Wall Street Journal features MYSA

Teaching and learning through curiosity and relevance

Apr 10 Wall Street Journal features MYSA

How do we learn? Neuroscientists have explored this question to understand how learning happens at the many stages of life. We have a great understanding of the acquisition of learning and how to make our connections to learned materials deeper and with greater relevance. This continual process is about curiosity, self-learning, and then making connections with other topical, relevant information to build on that foundational knowledge to make it more complex, deeper and conceptual.

This process requires time to dive into subjects and inspire curiosity but also reflection. The typical school day does not offer this as students are shuffled from one class to the next in a timed fashion. Students are often tired and overstimulated with a wealth of information given to them without a contemporary application. This does not promote learning connections, synapsis sparks in the brain; it promotes rote memorization in order to meet standards and guidelines.

To better serve students, MYSA intentionally creates connect units that are 6-8 weeks where students will dive deep into topics like immigration, Shakespeare, food, climate change through all core academic subjects in an interdisciplinary fashion. This meets and exceeds grade level standards and students are given the time, freedom to explore and master subjects in a multi-dimensional way. Wall Street Journal  features Siri Fiske – our Head of School on how to teach all students to promote a greater understanding. Read the WSJ article here.