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Why Mysa?


Students receive a weekly personalized “Mysa Menu”, an assignment list customized to their academic level, interests, and aptitudes. Students have autonomy to decide when and in what order they want to complete their assignments. Therefore, students can excel beyond their ‘grade level’ in any or all subjects.

MyMysa App

Mysa’s proprietary student information system for mastery tracking, allows for students to study at different grade levels within the same school year with a dashboard for students, parents and teachers to monitor student progression. It also has the potential to fulfill Mysa’s long term mission to impact the future of public education.

Mastery Model

Mysa School uses a mastery model, often referred to as competency based education, where students must demonstrate mastery of skills and content before they can move on. This allows for dynamic groupings of students, based on mastery of academic objectives, instead of traditional age or grade level.

Experiential Learning

“Connect” applies traditional subjects to the real world through an interdisciplinary, place-based course that is 1/5 of the Mysa academic program and required for all students. Connect is designed around an engaging and relevant theme that integrates multiple subjects using collaborative and experiential teaching methods.

Elementary School:
(Kindergarten – Grade 5)

Mysa’s fundamental values of cultivating curiosity and creating a cozy and kind environment in which a child truly feels known are the foundation of our elementary program. Students have a varied schedule in grades K-5 that is built upon the Common Core Curriculum requirements to complete mastery of all subjects before starting middle school. Similar to a Montessori model, mixed-age learning is at the heart of Mysa, with students being grouped based on their ability, not age, to work together on hands-on, project-based assignments. This encourages them to work at their own pace, while developing strong social-emotional ties within the community. Personalized menus each week allow for students to work in multiple grade levels at the same time and have assignments connect directly to their interests and ability level.

Middle School:
(Grades 6 – 8)

In the upper grades at Mysa, students gain more agency and autonomy over their learning as they master self-advocacy skills, time management proficiency, and gain increased confidence in knowing how they learn best. Students partner with their teachers to make sure that they are staying on track with meeting national benchmarks at or above grade level in all subject areas, while also doing deep dives into content areas that are of particular interest to them. All Mysa students continue to target standards across multiple grade levels concurrently and the Mysa App allows students to both track their progress and give feedback on their workload. Student learning is further enhanced for the entire student body with place-based and service learning opportunities that prioritize using the local community as a resource and classroom.

At Mysa, kids take responsibility for their work, learn to manage their own time, and develop their curiosity and passions. Every child has a personalized menu of work tailored for them. Its small size and amazing student-teacher ratio ensures every child is deeply known and supported. Interdisciplinary projects help them understand the world and extensive field trips further that learning. Mysa is truly exceptional!

Lisa C., Mysa Parent